Although tablet and smartphone users by now are pretty adept at typing out words and messages using their thumbs, there is still plenty of innovation in text entry to be found. One of the most interesting new ways of text entry is by swiping between the letters on the keyboard, instead of tapping individual keys. Although this is a feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, it needs to be enabled first. Check out how to enable the Swipe Keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

To enable the Swipe entry feature on the Samsung Keyboard of your Galaxy Tab S2:

  1. Open the Settings app from the home screen or the app drawer.
  2. Open the Language and input menu.
  3. Tap on Samsung Keyboard.
  4. Open the Smart Typing menu.
  5. Enable the Swipe Entry toggle. Swiping is now enabled on your keyboard. Whenever the keyboard is visible, simply swipe between the letters of the word you want, and the keyboard will automatically type that word out for you.


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