The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 includes a few features to customize the look and functionality of your lock screen. Here’s a couple tips on how to customize the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5:



  • The first thing we see on the lock screen of the Galaxy Note 5 is the clock and weather widget. We can customize the weather section of the widget by tapping the clock and weather widget that is shown by default on your home screen to open the Weather app, then tapping on MORE at the top right, and tapping Settings. Here we have a few options:
    • Unit lets us switch between the two major temperature unit types: Celsius, and Fahrenheit.
    • Auto refresh adjusts the amount of time the Weather app waits to refresh its weather information.
    • Turning on Use current location will let the Weather app determine the weather of the phone’s current location via GPS and cell tower information.
    • The below two toggles individually lets you choose where your weather information is displayed; the lock screen and the Calendar app.
    • The presence and contents of notifications on the lock screen can also be configured. To learn more about notifications both on the lock screen and everywhere else on the phone, check out our article How to Manage Notifications on Galaxy Note 5.
  • The lock screen wallpaper can also be customized. Check out our article How to Customize Your Homescreen on Galaxy Note 5 to learn how to change your wallpaper and other useful tips.
  • Both the lock screen lock type and unlock animation effect can be changed by opening the Lock screen and security menu in the Personal page of the Settings app, then tapping on the menus Screen lock type and Unlock effect.
  • In Screen lock type, there are six options to choose from to customize how your phone is secured when locked.
    • Swipe and None provide no security and will let anyone use your phone by either swiping on the lock screen or by simply clicking the home button when None is enabled.
    • Both Pattern and PIN options provide a moderate level of security by letting you choose a unique unlock identifier: either a 4 digit code with PIN, or a customized swipe pattern on a 3×3 grid with the Pattern option.
    • Password and Fingerprints options provide the highest level of security. With Password, you set an alphanumeric password of any length, and Fingerprints will use the biometric security of the built-in fingerprint scanner. To learn how to use this feature, check out our article How to Use The Fingerprint Sensor on Galaxy Note 5.
  • The Unlock effect menu lets you choose between three unlock effects that change the animation of unlocking your phone. Select each one to see a preview of the effect.



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