All of the apps the come installed, as well as the ones that you download from the Google Play store, all have to live somewhere on your Galaxy S9 and that place is called the App Drawer. In this video, I’ll show you how to customize the App Drawer to best fit your needs.

let’s take a look at customizing the App drawer on your Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. So, swipe up or down anywhere on your home screen to actually, access your App drawer. You need to see this is where all of my app icons are going to live for all of the apps I’ve downloaded from the Google Play store as well as, the apps that have come pre-installed on my device.

Now, I have them currently, sorted in alphabetical order but, you can choose to do that in a custom order by typing in the top right hand corner. Tap Sort, and we have the options for either Custom order or Alphabetical order. What I really like about alphabetical order is that, if you have that selected, whenever you add in a new app. So you download another app, say a week from now. It’ll automatically rearrange all of your app icons to be in alphabetical order. So, it’s really cool because you can always know where they are based upon the name of the application that you’re looking for. Now, if that doesn’t suit you. You can also choose to do custom order and then, you can rearrange all of the app icons in the App drawer however you want too. So now all I have to do is tap and hold on an app icon and then I can move it anywhere in the App drawer that I want it to be.

So now I have all of that done. I can even take this folder and move it down, and it’s going to move that down to the bottom of the screen. Now, coming back into alphabetical order, you’re going to notice it does folders first and then, app icon seconds. So, if I were to add in a new folder. So, let’s go ahead and tap and hold on Facebook and we’ll select items. And, I’m going to go ahead select a feeder for items, some social items and then, we will select another one and then, tap Create Folder. So, I’ll give this folder a name. Notice all the app icons in this folder are alphabetical. I’ve given the folder a name. I can choose a custom color for the folder. Let’s go ahead and give it a blue color. And then, I can even choose to add in more apps by tapping on Add Apps, tap another app. Then tap on Add in the top right hand corner. And notice it did keep everything in an alphabetical order. And, if I try and rearrange these app icons, notice I try and bring one pass right down to the bottom. Doesn’t work because, it is in alphabetical order.

So now that I’ve come out of here, notice that Social is a blue icon and it’s kept the folders in alphabetical order. And then, all of the app icons are still in alphabetical order. What’s also a good note of interest, notice that I’ve put all of these app icons in the folder. They are no longer in the main portion of the App drawer because, they all live in that folder. So, if I wanted them all back in the main portion of the App drawer, I tap and hold and then, tap on Delete Folder. Delete and then, it adds all the app icons back to the way they were.

Now, if I come back into sort and choose custom order. Notice it reverts to the custom order that I had already created. Notice that folder down at the bottom is still there, when I positioned it earlier in the video. And I can even come into that folder, tap and hold and then, rearrange those icons in any order that I wanted them to be as well. What’s really cool is in this view, if I tap and hold, delete the folder. We’ll delete it, it added all the app icons into the empty spaces at the last page of my App drawer. Notice there is still some empty spaces that it could have fit in but, it just chose to add them all into the back of the actual, App drawer pages.

And now if I come in here and do Sort and then, sort by alphabetical. It’s no longer going to have that folder in this view because, I deleted it. But, it does put all the app icons that were in that folder, now more in alphabetical order. And, as a bonus feature, if I wanted too I can actually search the phone. Say I was looking for a specific application, I was looking for Uber. Type in Uber and it shows me the applications that I was looking for. It’s also searching my phone for anything else like in, Notes, Messages or even, a photo. But, just to quickly launch some applications you can do that from anywhere on your device. Do a search for an app and you’ll be able to find it.

So that is how you customize your App drawer in your Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. And if you found this video useful, be sure and give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to see more videos like this and we’ll see you in the next one.

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