One of the most unique and noticeable ways to customize your tablet and make it yours is changing up the sound settings. There are plenty of options we can change to even further customize the sounds on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Here’s how to do it:

  • soundsOpen the Sounds and Notifications menu in the Device page of the Settings app.
  • The first option under the Sound section is Sound mode. This menu gives you two options: Sound, and Mute. As you might expect, this changes what sounds you do and don’t hear.
    • With Sound, you get the full range of sounds and vibrations on your tablet.
    • Mute will prevent your device from playing sounds or using vibration.
  • The Volume menu has sliders for three aspects of your tablet: Notifications, Media, and System.
    • These volume adjustments can also be access by tapping the gear icon on the volume popup whenever you use the volume buttons.
  • Sound quality and effects provides options to apply effects to all the sounds on the system and potentially enhance how it sounds to your ear.
  • Below this, we have the notifications section. Check out our How to Use Do Not Disturb and How to Manage Notifications articles for more information on these settings.


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