If you ever get bored with the look and feel of the Galaxy S9 software you can always apply a theme to make it feel like a different phone. In this video, I’ll show you how to download and apply a theme to your Galaxy S9/S9+.

Let’s take a look at how to customize your theme on our Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Now, the way that you get into the theme section is to tap and hold anywhere on an empty area of the home screen and then go into themes. Now, over the top of the screen, we’re going to see My Themes, which are themes that I have already downloaded, and also the default theme that comes with your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Down below, we have our featured section, and we have a top section, and we have a new section. Tap into any one of those tabs and it takes you into that perspective area.

Now, there are paid themes and there are free themes, and there are also themes that change the navigation buttons down below. There are also themes that come with always-on displays, so you can tap around any one of the themes and find the one that you like. So, if I tapped into one, let’s say this Game Boy looking one. So, I’ll tap there. It shows me there’s an always-on display, there’s a lock screen, and there’s even the home screen, it changes the icons, the dialer, the message’s app, and some of them go a bit more detailed than others. This one even changes the actual quit toggles and notification panel. And this one actually is $1.49, but I can also download a trial so I can see how the theme looks on my device before I actually commit to purchasing the entire package.

Now, I’ve already downloaded one, which makes my phone look more like a Google Pixel. If I tap up in here, this is a theme I’ve already downloaded. I can see what it looks like. What I’m actually going to do is go ahead and tap apply. I’m going to tap apply again, and it’s going to actually theme my device so it’s going to apply the theme and then, once it’s done, it will bring me back out into my home screen. So here’s my new home screen. You can see my buttons on the navigation bar down below have also changed. All the icons have changed. Even coming in here, I can see that my actual app drawer’s kind of changed the look and feel a little bit. If I open up my dialer app, you’re going to notice that the application itself looks a little bit different, even with the actual keypad. So even down to my notification panel, you see everything looks a little bit different. This all looks more like the Google Pixel because it’s themed to look that way.

And, what’s cool, I can also go back into my theme section and, if I wanted to, I could reapply the default theme. Just come into my default theme, tap apply, and it’s going to apply my default theme. So it’s very easy to customize the look and feel of your Galaxy S9. So, if you ever get bored of our current theme, or you just want to switch it up. Maybe you like to switch your phone with the seasons, or there’s a special theme like say a new superhero movies coming out, or sports team, whatever. You can go ahead and look through all the theme store and make your phone unique and personalized to you.

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