There are some apps that you download from the Google Play Store that you can use in place of some of the apps that come by default on your Galaxy S9. Some of these include the web browser, messages, phone, and launcher. In this video, I’ll show you how you can change the default apps to what you want to use.

Let’s take a look at how to change our default apps on our Galaxy S9, S9+.

Now, the way that we do this is we’re going to come into our settings and down at the bottom of the screen we’re going to see apps. Tap on there and then tap the three little dots in the top right-hand corner. We can see default apps, tapping there will show us all of our default app categories that we can change.

Now, the first one we’re going to jump into is our browser app. By default, our Samsung Internet is our default browser app, but we can actually tap on Chrome and make Chrome our default browser app. So, whenever we tap on any sort of internet links, whether it be in an email, text message, whatever, it’s now going to open up Chrome instead of Samsung Internet. Now, it’s also going to prompt you the first time that you do this, so if you open up a link from an email and you have multiple browsers installed, it’s going to prompt you to choose one from there. But, if you didn’t do that or you didn’t get that prompt, you can change it from with inside this menu.

Now, we can also change our default calling app. So, right now we only have one app installed on our device, which is Contacts, but if we had downloaded any other calling apps from the Google Play store, they would show up here in this menu.

We also have messaging apps, so I can tap in here and view our different messaging apps and choose the one we want to use by default.

And if we wanted to have a little bit more fun and customize our device, we can actually change our home screen experience. So, right now, by default, it’s the Samsung Home, but there are a couple other launchers I have installed on this device, as well.

And there are some options for default app selection, this will ask before selecting default apps, which is what I was mentioning earlier. So if you open up an internet link, it’ll ask you which browser you want to use. And if it didn’t show that prompt, you can always set this in here in this menu.

And then, if you have more than one device assistant, by default, it is Google Assistant, but we can come in here and tap on device assistant app and then we can change that to the Samsung Internet if we wanted to or we can choose none. And the way that we access these assistants is by tapping and holding on our home button and the assistant application will pop up.

So, that is how you change your default applications on your Galaxy S9 and S9+. If you found this video useful, be sure and give it a thumbs up. For more videos like this, be sure and hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next one.

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