If you feel like the vibration on your Galaxy S9 is too strong, or too weak, you can go in and adjust the intensity to best suit your needs. In this video, I’ll show you how to adjust the vibration intensity on your Galaxy S9.

Let’s take a look at how to adjust the vibration intensity on your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. If you feel like your device isn’t vibrating hard enough for you to feel it when it’s in your pocket or it’s on a desk or you might be going to hard and it’s becoming more of an annoyance, you can adjust the intensity of it. Go and come into your settings and then we’re going to look for sound and vibration up at the top of the screen. Tap onto there and about in the middle of the screen, we see vibration intensity. Tap into there and we can see that we can change the intensity of the vibration for incoming calls, notifications, vibration feedback and even hard press vibration feedback for the home button. All you have to do is slide the slider here and we’re going to get a vibration feedback on our device for how intense it’s going to be based upon the slider. Some kind of last a little bit longer than others.

Notification’s a little bit more of an intense vibration than the actual hard press for the home button and even the feedback is a little bit of a different, it’s a shorter vibration, more than a longer one. Same thing with incoming calls and notifications. Again, on doing this, taking these sliders and sliding them to my preferred intensity of the vibration. As an added bonus for the vibration intensity, there are some other vibration options. We can actually have it vibrate while ringing. We can come in and change the basic vibration pattern and then we can even turn on the vibration feedback for our system even, even the keyword vibration, so there are different options when it comes to the vibration of the phone, but the intensity of the vibration is all going to be adjusted within that vibration intensity sliders. If you like this video, be sure and give it a thumbs up. If you want more videos like this, be sure and give State of Tech a subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one.

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