It’s likely that you will want to load up your new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with all your favorite music and photos, but the process of getting everything moved over might not be immediately obvious. Here’s how to do that:

  • Download and install Samsung’s SmartSwitch app for either the PC or Mac.
  • SmartSwitch is a media manager similar to the iTunes app. Configure SmartSwitch to include all the media you want on your phone. The app will guide you through this configuration.
  • Plug in your Galaxy Tab S2 into your computer using the Micro-USB cable included with your phone.
  • SmartSwitch, by default, will automatically add any media on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 when you plug it in. Let SmartSwitch finish the sync process.
  • After sync is finished, you now have access to your photos and videos on your Galaxy Tab S2.


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