Your iPhone has all kinds of controls that you probably want to adjust pretty frequently, so Apple has given us a way to access the most common settings via the Control Center. Check out how to use the Control Center on your iPhone 6.

  1. On almost any screen, swipe up from the very bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center (some apps might prevent this behavior, such as some games that require screen swipes).
  2. You will see a list of toggles at the top to enable or disable Airplane ModeWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb mode, and Screen Orientation lock.
  3. Below the toggles is the screen brightness slider. Drag the grabber to adjust your screen brightness.
  4. Next is the media controls. You will see song or media info if playing, and playback controls.
  5. The next section is split between AirDrop and AirPlay.
  6. Finally, there are some useful shortcuts: Flashlight turns on the camera’s LED to use as a flashlight, and shortcuts to the timer in the Clock app, the Calculator app, and the Camera app.