Hidden Artifact Agency is the newest FREE story-based hidden object game from Hullabu, the creators of the widely popular James Patterson and Dream Day Wedding tablet games. This exciting new game is an around-the-world adventure where you solve mysteries; find lost, stolen, or hidden artifacts and work through mystifying puzzles. Each new case brings you a whole new enthralling storyline with new scenes, exciting mini-games, complex characters, and a new mystery to solve. In Hidden Artifact Agency there is always a new case and it is always FREE to play!

Are you a fan of Hidden object games or do you like mystery games? Well, you would be glad to know that Hullabu brings a new story based hidden object game just for you. Hidden Artifact Agency is an amazing game, which has a fantastic story line along with it. This is designed by the best of designers who also created some very popular games such as Dream Day Wedding and James Patterson games for the tablet.

This amazing game contains new mysteries and new stories along with complex characters and a challenge for you at every step to solve it. No more easy games, this game tests your capacity to solve a mystery. It is not only exciting but brings you a wonderful adventure wherein you have to fund the lost, hidden or stolen artifacts and have to work your way through some really complex and mystifying puzzles in order to solve the case.

Each case has a wonderful adventurous storyline with some awesome mini-games and extremely enthralling new scenes that have been never seen before. This game is designed specifically for iPad and iTunes users. And what’s more is that it is absolutely free. The Graphics are splendid, and as you go on with the story, you will go deeper and learn more about your characters. The story gets more and more intriguing as you move around the world solving some first class mysteries.

This game can get you addicted to its storyline which goes on getting more and more enthralling as you dig deeper and deeper into the story. The characters are simply wonderful, and you get to know them more as you move throughout the game. The graphics are wonderfully made to support this amazing game which makes the gaming even better. All in all it’s like a first hand experience at solving mysteries. Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity of playing this wonderful game.

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