In certain situations, the normal method that the GoPro HERO4 Session sets the exposure might not do the trick. The Session comes with a setting that could help you capture properly exposed photos and video in these situations. Check out how to enable Spot metering and when the mode is most effective:

By default, all GoPro cameras — including the GoPro Session — uses a method called “evaluative metering” to expose the image being captured. Evaluative metering analyzes the entire frame’s lighting to adjust exposure. This generally provides excellent results for most situations, but might cause some scenes to be over or underexposed when shooting a scene with both very dark and very bright areas.

That’s why the GoPro Session includes the Spot metering option. Instead of using the entire frame to calculate exposure, Spot metering uses a single point in the center of the frame for exposure compensation. This means that whatever is in the center of the shot will be properly exposed, even if other objects or areas in the frame are under or overexposed.

Spot metering can be used in both video and photo modes, and must be turned on independently.

To turn on Spot Meter mode:

  1. Launch the GoPro App on your smartphone. Check out our article on how to get connected.
  2. Tap on the listing for your camera to open Live View.
  3. Switch to the mode you plan on using. The settings will differ based on your selected mode.
  4. Tap on the Settings button (wrench icon).
  5. Tap on the Spot Meter menu, then toggle the switch to On.
  6. Your GoPro Session will now use spot metering in the selected shooting mode. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to switch to spot meter mode in other shooting modes.