You probably know that audio recorded with a GoPro is not always usable, especially in situations where using a waterproof case is a must. The new HERO4 Session is not only fully waterproof, but includes a new feature to help you get more consistent audio from your videos. Check out how to use it:

The HERO4 Session is the first camera by GoPro that is fully waterproof without needing an external case. That means your Session is ready to go adventuring right out of the box. One major caveat of waterproof cameras has been poor audio performance. It’s understandable: microphones are sensitive electronics, and the same barriers that block water also muffle or block sound.

The session has a neat feature to help you retain the best possible audio recording even in wet environments: a pass-through audio chamber. At the top right corner of the face of the Session camera is the microphone port (notice the small grouping of small holes), and on the bezel of the same corner is the passthrough port.

To ensure high quality audio, simply shake the Session to clear the audio chamber of water or debris. If that doesn’t do the trick, gently blow into the microphone port side to clear. This makes sure that nothing is interfering with the microphone so that you get the best audio from your GoPro Session videos.