GIF Studio allows you to create GIF from videos and images, creating ready to use snippets to use on the web, for your homepage or just to send and share them with friends. A gif can be the right thing for the ultimate laugh out loud effect, to create art or just creating some nonsense.

To get started with Gif Studio you will need to record a video, import a video from your camera roll, import a video from Dropbox, or create a gif using slide templates. No matter what source you choose for the creation of your gif, the method will always be the same.

Chosing to use a video file will allow you to select which frames that you want to use in the gif and automatically import them upon completion. From there you will be able to add text, emojis, slides, and more. Once you’re happy with the result, you can then save the file and share it with all of your friends and family.

Creating a gif from scratch can be fun as well. Once you’ve selcted an orientation for your gif you can begin the creation process. To create a gif you can select background colors, text, emoji, text color, and even add in your own image. You can add in new slides by taping on the “+” and rearrage them by dragging them in the order you want. Once you’re done tap on the share button and you can save it as either a proper gif file or a video file!

Gif creation has never been easier, get GIF Studio for your iOS devices!

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