Gadgetarium is an interactive journey to the history of the coolest gadgets ever created! Gadgetarium features hand-drawn illustrations of the gadgets, original music, and some pretty cool special effects. There's also a section in Gadgetarium where you can let your inner-inventor out and create your own gadget!


The Gadgetarium story features over 20 of the world's greatest gadgets that spans from the creation of the Wheel to the invention of Google Glass. From the Story page you can swipe up and down to see all of the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of all of the gadgets and tapping on one will take you into that specific chapter of the story. The gadget story includes a drop-down history lesson on the creation of that specific gadget, a 3D model overview of the illustration, and a large interactive illustration as well. In the chapter you can learn all about the gadget that you've selected.

If you're the type of person that loves to create Gadgetarium has you covered there as well. There is a GadgetBox that will allow you to take all of the gadgets that are covered in the story mode and combine them to invent your own creation. On the left hand side of the screen you can select from all of the gadgets and drag them out to the creation board, here you can combine all of the creations into on grand spectacle that you can then share will all of your friends. Let out that inner-creator!


Gadgetarium is an amazing adventure through history's greatest gadget creations. The Gadgetarium app is perfect from children from the ages of 3 to 13. Gadgetarium is optimized for the iPad, download it on the App Store.

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