EpicGames launched Fortnite Beta on Samsung Galaxy devices today and I downloaded it immediately. I was already playing before the keynote was over so I wanted to take a moment to talk about its performance on current Galaxy S9 Plus devices and show you some actual Fortnite gameplay on an Android phone.

Let’s play some Fortnite, my EpicGames handle: Dadbotio

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: https://jer.fyi/galaxys9plus

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up? It’s Jerad with State of Tech.

And Fortnite has finally come to Android. Of course, if you have a Galaxy device, that is what you’re gonna have to have in order to play Fortnite. It is actually now available in the Galaxy Apps store. So if you go into the Galaxy Apps store on your device, you’re gonna see Fortnite there. It actually downloads the Fortnite launcher or the Fortnite installer, kind of in a similar way to how when you download it on the PC, there’s a launcher, and then it installs it, and you’re good to go.

It was a pretty involved process. I was kind of surprised at how long it took to get set up and all that stuff. And I had to do a full restart of my phone in order to get it to perform. I mean, I tried playing the game without restarting my phone, and it was impossible to play the game.

So I’ve played it a couple of times now, just to kind of get the experience. It’s not the first time, of course, that I played Fortnite on Mobile. I’ve been playing Fortnite on Mobile on my iPhone and my iPad for a while now. And so, now that it’s available on Android, which is my primary … I use this S9 Plus as my primary device. I’m excited, and I wanted to download it and play it right away.

So it’s been a little bit of a mixed bag on the experience. Samsung … You know, all the rumors were saying, you know, “Fortnite is coming exclusive to the Galaxy phones.” In the announcement today at Unpacked 2018, they said that a Fortnite beta is coming to Galaxy devices first. So they didn’t say exclusive, necessarily. They just said beta, and it does feel very beta, kind of low resolution, kind of glitchy. It seems to be a little problematic still in some areas. So it is very much beta.

So I’ve got it loaded up here, just to kind of show you a little bit of what’s going on. We’re gonna show you some end gameplay. The problem is is that I can’t actually record it using the app here. You know, you’ve got your game tools. And I can’t actually record. I tried recording, and it made the experience so glitchy. This game needs every little bit of horsepower that your device has. And I don’t even know, if you have an S8 or maybe a Note 7 or a Note 8, I feel like it’s gonna be even more challenging for a gameplay to take place on a slightly older Galaxy device.

This is the newest one that you could buy right now. Of course, the Note 9 comes out soon, and I’m gonna do a full video on that because, you know, I watched the keynote. I was excited about some things. And so make sure to check out that video.

But let’s see what gameplay is like. So I’m gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna start a … We’ll just start a Squads game.

So I’m very much used to playing Fortnite more on a PC. I haven’t been playing Fortnite much lately, especially since the latest season, Season 5, has come out. I’ve just been so busy with work and everything. As you can see, I’m only at level 6. Even my kids are in the low-level 20s right now, and they only play once or twice a week. So that just goes to show how little I’ve had an opportunity to play.

All right. So as you can see, it’s a little glitchy. There are definitely some situations there that I would have been a little bit more responsive if I could move around a bit faster.

So that’s definitely something that probably will be fixed. You could go into your settings. And, of course, there are some settings you can adjust. Typical 30 frames per second on most mobile devices anyways, but you can go down to 20. And you can also lower your quality. I recommend making sure that you quit out of every single app. Maybe do a restart of your phone right before you play Fortnite. And make sure every app is quit, and that some of the background processes maybe even shut off. You’re gonna need as much of your phone’s horsepower as possible to play some Fortnite if you’re on a Galaxy device.

So make sure to head on in and get access to it, because it is pretty much only Galaxy devices right now that are able to run this. If you want to join me, my name on Fortnite is DadbotIO, so make sure to friend me up, and let’s play some duos, squads, whatever. Let’s have some fun.

So make sure to check out my video on the Note 9. My initial thoughts, I’m also gonna talk about the new Galaxy Watch and, of course, the Galaxy Home in that video. So make sure to subscribe to the channel here on State of Tech for the latest in tech news, reviews, and all that good stuff. And give this video a thumbs up if you liked it.

Take care, and we’ll see you next time.