FormattVideo – Live Video Camera Filters and Effects by Formatt Hitech with over 100+ Live filters – FormattVideo from Formatt Hitech, a world leader in professional photographic and broadcast filters. Turn your iPhone and iPad into a professional style Video camera with DSLR / Broadcast style filters and effects, LIVE, as you shoot video.

FormattVideo enhances the video capabilities of your iPhone and iPad by allowing the use of professional quality exposure adjustments, neutral density filters, graduated filters, color filters, true black & white and special effects filters during the filming process.

FormattVideo works in real-time, just as you would experience when shooting with a DSLR / Video style camera. Select your filter, adjust the exposure, adjust the density, set your horizon point, set your focus and shoot – all with a few taps on your screen.

Filters are applied live during video capture so you know that you are applying filters and effects that work as you expect – with your shooting situation. All done with our simple and intuitive interface.

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Over 100+ LIVE filters

25 Neutral Density filters with multiple density stops and settings
42×3 Color filters (with 3 stops/density settings for each)
10 True Black & White filters
10 Effects filters
10 PopArt filters
10 Specialty filters
10 Retro (Vintage) filters
10 Portrait filters

Neutral Density filters
Multiple density settings for dozens of filters
True Black & White filters
Elegant exposure control
Graduated filters for photos in difficult lighting situations
Custom Copyright watermarking option
Live, real-time filters
Color and True Black & White mode
Focus Lock, Exposure Lock, Stabilizer, AWB and more.
Camera flash Torch light mode for constant lighting effects
Remember your “Last Filter” used
Save video in any of 4 sizes: 360p, 480p, 720p to Original HD capture at 1080p!
Optimized for iPhone 5+ and iPad Mini.
Advanced social media integration with our “Instant Upload” to Facebook, Twitter and any of your installed Social Network apps!