Forged in Battle: Man at Arms transports players to an ancient world where Lord Vandhar rules the land and it's up to you, a meager swordsmith, must take him down and reclaim your peaceful land!

There are five different worlds that you will travel to in Forged in Battle: Man at Arms. When you first begin the game you'll start off in the beautiful countryside of Germania. In Germania, you will learn the basics of weapon crafting, fighting, and dodging. All of the skills you learn here will be vital in your quest to bring peace to the lands.

Gameplay in Forged in Battle: Man at Arms is really easy and intuitive. Using the touch controls you'll be able to wield your shield and weapon to defeat your enemies. Tapping on the bottom left corner will block attacks from hurting you, the blue button on the right is the upper attack and the red is a lower attack. Each enemy that comes against you will glow with a specific color and you will need to attack with that color to defeat them.

To ensure that your weapons are powerful enough to defeat your foes on the battlefield, be sure and use your blacksmith skills to forge your weapons and make them stronger. You'll spend coins and gems that you've earned to upgrade a weapon, but you'll also need to use your hands, you're a blacksmith after all! There will be mini-games that you'll need to win in order to maximize your weapons upgrade stats. What you do here can determine whether you win or lose on the battlefield.

Like an ingot of iron, you will be… FORGED IN BATTLE.

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