With flowkey, you learn to play beautiful piano music from the very beginning. Choose your favorite piano pieces from over 1000 songs and learn all about notes, chords, reading sheet music and the proper technique. Works with your real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as digital. Ideal for beginners and advanced pianists.

Discover the new way to learn piano:

  • Play the most popular songs from all genres including classical, pop, rock, and jazz. You can even
    choose from the latest game & movie soundtracks
  • Practice more effectively with direct feedback: flowkey will let you know instantly whether you’re
    playing the right notes
  • Reach your goals: interactive step-by-step courses about notes, chords, rhythm, playing with both
    hands, & much more
  • Learn the right technique with high-quality video tutorials recorded by professional pianists
  • Works with your real piano & keyboard (acoustic as well as digital)

How does it work?

  • – Place your smartphone, tablet, or laptop on your instrument
  • – Choose a song you would like to learn that matches your playing level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or pro)
  • – Take an introductory course for learning the basics, if you are a beginner
  • – Receive instant feedback on your playing: the app listens to your playing via microphone or MIDI connection
  • – Practice individual song sections with the loop function
  • – Start playing along with the video slowly and then speed it up until you reach the original tempo
  • – Complete courses and improve your skills step-by-step
  • – Check your achievements on the learning progress indicator

Your benefits with flowkey:

  • You don’t need any previous knowledge
  • You receive new piano songs and exercises regularly
  • You learn at your own pace and according to your playing level
  • You have access to unique arrangements by professional pianists
  • You can test 8 songs & selected tutorials for free
  • You can start right away: the flowkey app and your piano is all you need


Please note:

You need a flowkey Premium membership to gain unrestricted access to all songs and course content. Your subscription options are:

  • 1 month for $19.99
  • 3 months for $38.99
  • 12 months for $119.99
    • (These are US prices. Pricing in other countries may vary.)

Your membership renews itself automatically unless you cancel no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. If you cancel your subscription, your access to the full library of flowkey content will expire at the end of the subscription period. You can use your Premium account across all your devices.

Achieve your goal and learn how to play the piano! flowkey is endorsed by some of the most famous YouTube pianists as well as recommended by music teachers and musicians. Join the movement of over 1 million piano players worldwide and improve your skills on your real piano from beginner to pro.

Start your piano lessons with flowkey now!

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