The Macbook Pro with Touch Bar is Apple’s latest and greatest Macbook pro. It has better internal hardware than the previous generation as well as the Touch Bar which makes navigation around macOS and various other applications a breeze. Apple didn’t push the hardware to the limits, though, it’s just a minor spec improvement over the prior generation. But, it’s a quality built machine that’ll sure to keep pushing a few years down the road.

While on the other side of the fence, Razer, is pushing the limits of mobile computing with their stylish and powerful Raze Blade 2016. Razer, while mainly catering towards gamers, is wanting to capture some of the creatives that feel left behind by Apple.

But, does it make sense to purchase a gaming laptop when the main purpose of it will be for creative tasks such as coding, photo editing, and video editing? In the video below, I give you my top five reasons that you should choose a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar over the Razer Blade 2016.

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