Familoop Parental Control allows you to keep your kids safe while they’re online and understand how they are using their device. You can set up web filters, porn blockers, family trackers, frequently used apps, location tracking, and more! Best of all, this will run in the background of your android device and your child will never know that it’s there.

When you first install Familoop Parental Control, you’ll have to set up your parental account. This will allow you to add and modify all the settings that you want to use on this device. Once the parent account is set up you can then access it from any desktop browser for actionable insights into all activity logs collected from your child’s Android device.

Once Familoop Parental Control is enabled, you can then track how much your kids user their devices. You’ll be able to see a chart of their screen time that will be sorted by the app so you can see what they are spending all of their time in. What’s also great is that contacts, photos, and messages that are taken and/or sent from your child’s device will also be accessible on your parental dashboard from any desktop browser. Note, that Familoop is implementing Parent mode for their parental control app, so that you could install the same app on your own Android device and check your child’s activity reports from any device – coming soon. There’s even a location tracker built-in with Familoop Parental Control that allows you to track your child at any given moment. You’ll never have to wonder again what your child is up to while they are using their device.

Familoop Parental Control is a reliable safeguard to ensure internet safety for your connected children. Download it today for your child’s Android devices.

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