Edujoy Educational Games contains up to 12 games for children of all ages without ads. It’s the best way to learn as you improve your skills of memory, logic and concentration while playing.

In addition, these games are designed for children starting at the age of preschool and older.

Thanks to the variety of subjects, kids can strengthen their skills in different areas. Those areas would focus on professions and their related objects. As well as recognizing animals and their habitats, guessing the sound of musical instruments while also having the option to solve puzzles and mazes with fun, interactive images, and stimulating music.

By playing these games your children can improve memory skills, concentration, and development of knowledge. The game is easy to adapt for all young ages and it’s specifically designed as an educational tool for preschoolers and up.

All Edujoy games help children to learn in a fun way through different themes and game scenarios such as animals, music, labyrinths, professions and drawing boards. Your children will certainly love them!
12 games in just 1 app!

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