The Sony Alpha a5100 features HD video recording. One of the biggest issues that has plagued HD video recording and editing are the wide array of competing file formats. And while the Alpha a5100 can record video in three different video formats, the Dual Video Recording option can help further alleviate issues when working with your recorded videos.

The Sony Alpha a5100 can record video in three formats: XAVC S, AVCHD, and MP4. Although these three formats largely compatible with most video editing and playback tools, the Dual Video Recording feature on the a5100 adds additional compatibility by recording video in two formats simultaneously.

Dual Video Recording is available with either the AVCHD or XAVC S file format selected in page two of the Camera Settings tab of the settings menu. With either of these formats selected and Dual Video Recording enabled, the a5100 will record video files in both the format selected as well as an MP4 file.

To use Dual Video Recording, press the MENU button on the back of your camera, navigate to page two of the Camera Settings tab, select the Dual Video REC menu, and switch to On. Keep in mind that Dual Video Recording will create two video files for every movie recording, and thus will take approximately twice as much storage space on your media card.