The Canon 70D comes equipped with different drive modes; how your camera behaves when taking photos. The default behavior of cameras is to take one picture when you press the shutter button. On the Canon 70D, this is called Single shooting drive mode. There is a separate mode called silent single shooting mode that reduces the noise made by the camera when taking a photo.

In certain circumstances, you might want to take multiple photos with a single press of the shutter button. This is called Continuous Shooting in the 70D, and there are three continuous modes: High speed continuous, Low Speed Continuous, and Silent Continuous. High Speed Continuous will take about 7 photos a second (when using high speed memory), whereas Low Speed and Silent Continuous modes will take about 3 shots a second.

The last two options are delayed shutter or self timer drive modes. These will take the photo a set number of seconds after the shutter button is pressed. There is a 2 second and a 10 second mode, and each are compatible with remote shutters.

To change the drive mode, press the Drive button at the top of the camera and use the Main Dial to select a drive mode, or press the Quick Settings button where you’ll find the drive mode option in the center of the bottom row of settings.

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