The Goal is to draw and connect matching color dots until the entire board is covered with beautiful colored lines. The challenge increases gradually with harder levels and new twists like cross-paths and multi-color dots.

Download Dot Knot completely Free. Enjoy this new fun and logical game.

Playing with Friends is always FUN: Login with Facebook & challenge your friends straight from the game in Easy, Medium, Hard & Extreme modes

Dot Knot features over a 1,000 elegantly designed levels which people of all ages can enjoy for FREE

Exciting NEW challenges are offered DAILY. Try to solve these in the shortest possible time. See where you stand in rankings against your friends and globally


  • Minimalistic & Elegantly designed game
  • Over 1000 interesting levels available & more coming soon
  • Check-in every day to earn more DAILY REWARDS
  • Send GIFTS to you friends to help them solve difficult levels.
  • Use “Hints” to solve a difficult level. Each Hint connects two matching color dots.
  • Use “Pauses” to stop the time while completing a level
  • Music adds fun in the whole gaming experience.

So let's smile & celebrate the colors of life with Dot Knot

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