Disk Cartography scans and analyzes your disks and folders for real space hogs. It’s more than just a disk cleaning tool – Disk Cartography is a professional Mac data mapping app built with elegant simplicity.

Launching Disk Cartography will show you an overview of all of the disks currently connected to your Mac. This will include any internal hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, thumb drives, network drives, and more. Next to each drive will be the thumbnail of the drive, that you usually see in Finder, as well as an indicator letting you know how much storage that drive is currently using as well as how much free storage is available. Next to each drive is a button labeled “Map It” and by clicking it will the true power of Disk Cartography be displayed.

Mapping a drive with Disk Cartography is a breeze. By clicking on Map It next to your desired drive will ask you to choose the folder that you would like to map out, you can choose to map the entire drive by choosing the root folder but that may take some time depending on the size of your drive. If you are wanting to map your main HD it is suggested that you choose to start with your user folder to get started. Disk Cartography will begin mapping the drive and you can see the results in real-time.

Disk Cartography mapping shows the drive in its entirety by displaying files & folders and showing how much occupied disk space each takes up. There are plenty of sorting options and filters that you can apply so you can quickly find the troublemakers on your drive. Disk Cartography will show and filter all hidden and system files, photos, videos, audio, documents, and archives that are on the drive you’ve mapped. You can then filter out files by size so you can the one that are taking up the most space first. From there if you select either a folder or file the “Delete Permanently” button in the top right hand corner will become green allowing you to delete those storage hogging files once and for all.

Download Disk Cartography and put your Mac’s storage back to good health.

Download Disk Cartography on the Mac App Store
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