In Dice2Dice, you’re presented with a play area featuring 36 dice (6 x 6).

Your goal is to match to at least two similarly-numbered dice that are next to each other (horizontal or vertical) and clear them from the board. Empty slots are immediately replaced with a new dice.
You can also connect similarly-numbered dice that are in a box shape. While these box combinations are worth more than connecting adjacent dice, they’re also rarer and harder to spot.

The more dice that you manage to swipe from the board, the more points you earn. However, there are a limited number of moves available, and so it’s important to think strategically and make every swipe count.

In addition, to help you rapidly identify matches, similar-numbered dice are also similarly- colored. For example dice with “2” spots (a.k.a. pips) are all orange, dice with 6 spots are all red, and so on.

You can play to beat your own high score, or you can connect directly to your Facebook friends and see who is the best of the best!

We’ve also added some great sound effects to enhance your gaming experience. If you’re playing late at night, on a flight, at work, in school or anywhere else, you can mute the sound and keep in playing.

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