Our countdown continues to Halloween with only 3 days left to carve your pumpkins and get those costumes ready.

To celebrate the 3rd day of Halloween we would like to introduce you to a terrifying app. Feel free to read our brief description, download the app and have a a terrifying time this Halloween night!


The Hunting Part 1
There is really no other app out there that will scare you as much as this app. If you have been looking for an app that will terrify you in ways you had no idea an app could do… then this is the app you have been searching for. Download and get ready to be horrified.

Download The Hunting Part 1 for your Apple device here. 

Shot entirely on the iPhone and nearly 2 years in the making. There has never been anything like this before. A terrifying first-person movie where YOU are the main character, YOU make the decisions, and YOU live or die based on your actions.

You awaken one morning in a quiet English town, to a disturbing sound downstairs. Something is on your house. What do you do? Your mobile phone is ringing in the kitchen. You investigate. A figure stands in the kitchen. Suddenly it lunges, attacking, biting, fighting. You fight it off, grab your phone and try to escape. But every decision is crucial, and you can’t think straight with the sound of your own heartbeat pounding in your skull. Your girlfriend has left a message. She’s near the farmhouse. You have to find her. NOW!

The Daily Star (UK) is calling it “A heart-pounding fright fest!!!… Get ready to SCREAM!”

Part1 is free to download with Part 2 is OUT NOW and Part 3 is coming soon.

The zombie movie has evolved.

directed by Allan Plenderleith and developed by Jason Stewart.