618yJWiEVuLThe HooToo TripMate Elite is a small device that has seemingly endless features. Measuring in at just three inches square and less than an inch thick, the TripMate Elite combines the functionality of wireless router, media streamer, USB wall charger, AND USB power bank, doing all these things surprisingly well. The wireless router functionality means that you can plug this into a hotel’s ethernet cable and provide Wi-Fi to all of your devices, plug in a USB hard drive and you get wireless media streaming to all your DLNA-compatible devices (like smart TVs and media players), the two USB ports also provide fast charging even for large devices, and to finish it all off, the TripMate Elite has a built-in 6,000mAh power bank so that you can top off your phone or tablet’s battery on the go.


List Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $43.99 on Amazon.com