One of the least expensive ways you can market your paid app to iPhone users is to create a free app. There are so many free apps out there that are fun and people download them. In our current times it is harder to get people to spend money on your apps but if you give them something for free then you can also include advertisement for your paid app.

How to get permission to market to iPhone users

In my opinion once I download something for free I am giving the developer permission to speak to me. If I downloaded a simple app that looked appealing to me for free I would not mind if there was a More button or About button that took me to a page where I could see descriptions of other apps. In all reality this is the same thing my local tire shop does with flat repairs. I took my Volvo S40 in a few weeks ago because I had a small leak in the tire. They fixed my leak and told me that the next time I needed tires I should come see them. All I needed was a plug in the tire where a small nail had poked its way through which was something simple for them to provide assuming that I would return with in the next year and spend several hundred on a new set of tires and labor to install them.

Don’t be afraid to give something away for free. Choose something you are passionate about or make an app for someone popular online who will promote this free app. The more creative you are the more popular the app will be. The more downloads your free app receives the more likely your paid apps will be downloaded also.

How much would it cost to drive $100 worth of app sales marketing with Googlewords or Admob? Assume that each click will cost you $.10 (ten cents), you know it will probably cost you more. The app you are advertising costs the user $1.99. To make $100 in sales from that ad for your paid app it would have to be downloaded 770 times ($1.99 – Apple’s cut of 30% = $1.40 – $0.10 ad = $1.30 / 100 = 769.23 downloads) which also means that it would take at the very least 770 clicks on your ads to reach $100 in sales resulting from that ad. What is the likelihood of each of those clicks resulting in a purchase? Slim to none, so my example is a best case scenario.

What I am trying to get at is that you could spend your time and energy creating an app rather then spending money on ads. Your free app could even make you money if you linked it up with Admob or another service.