The object of the game is to fill each wheel with four balls of the same color, thus causing them to explode. Once each wheel has exploded at least once, the level is completed.

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Review by TAE23 Team DailyAppShow Member:
After playing this game for 5 minutes, I realized why it was called
“Crazy Marbles.” The concept is simple – fill wheels with 4 of the
same color marbles in a limited amount of time as they roll along a
track at the top of a grid. As the game progresses, the grids become
more complex with more wheels, so you have to manage several different
wheels at once, sending marbles along different paths as you try to
catch the correct color. Before long, I felt like I was in an I Love
Lucy episode and the marbles were chocolates!
Actually, the game was simple to understand and the wheels were very
responsive, using just a flick of a finger to rotate. Bottom line, if
you enjoy a fast-paced game that is easy to pick up, but hard to put
down, Crazy Marbles will provide lasting fun and new challenges.