The included adapter that comes with your Galaxy Note 7 makes it easy to connect to devices such as Action Cameras. If you wanted to transfer images or large videos from your GoPro to your Galaxy Note 7, you can do that fast.

Use your USB-C to USB-A adapter that came with your Note 7 and connect it to a USB cable that is compatible with your Action Camera. Most GoPros and Action Cameras use a USB-A to Micro USB cable.

Power up your Action Camera and your phone will recognize it as a media device. You can now access all of the photos and videos stored on your GoPro or Action Camera directly from your Note 7.

Most Action Cameras these days have wireless connectivity, but viewing and transferring larger videos is slow and time-consuming. You can easily watch large video files and transfer them to your Galaxy Note 7 in no time when it is connected by cable.

Watch the video:

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