You can certainly put a 256GB SD Card into your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but what if you want a Terabyte of storage? Your Galaxy Note 7 can connect to a hard drive and provide you with that extra storage. Watch the video below to see it work.

Samsung included an adapter with the Galaxy Note 7 that allows the phone to connect to other phones over a cable to sync data. This is called Samsung SmartSync. This adapter also allows a multitude of other devices to work on the phone. Today, I was able to get a 1TB SSD to work with my Samsung Note 7. Here is how you do it.

You will need to format the drive properly. If you plug in a drive that is not formatted correctly, it will not recognize it. Do not format the drive using your Note 7. It does not format it in a way that will allow your computer to connect to it. You will need to use your Mac or PC to format the drive. In the video, I walk you through this.

Format your drive using XFat and Master Boot Record as the Partition Map type. Doing this will allow your computer to access the drive when you have it plugged in and your Note 7 to access it as well. You want the drive to work both ways because you will most likely be using your computer to load the drive up with content you want to access on your phone.

Plug your hard drive into the adapter that came with your phone then plug the adapter into your phone. You will immediately get a notification that your phone is supplying power to the drive. After a moment, your drive will appear as a notification and you will be able to open that drive to browse its contents. It will have a few Android related files there. Leave them in place as your Note 7 will just put them back every time you connect it.

You can now transfer files from your hard drive to your Note 7 or just access the files directly from the drive.

The only downfall to this is that you can not charge your phone over a cable while plugged into the hard drive. I tried using a splitter and that did not work. My next test will include trying to use a wireless charger to charge the phone while the phone is connected to a hard drive. Hopefully, that will work.

Watch the video:

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