Transferring images and video from a camera to your Android device is nothing new, but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can transfer from SD Card directly to your phone.

The Samsung Note 7 came with a USB-C to USB-A adapter. This was to allow their SmartSync application to work with other phones. This adapter also allows your SD Card Reader to connect to the phone as well. The phone powers the device and it allows for copying of photos and video directly from the SD card.

If your SD Card Reader is a USB-C reader, you can simply plug it into your Note 7 as I do in the video below. If you have an older card reader that has a USB-A connector, use the included adapter that came with your Note 7.

Once you connect the device, it will recognize your SD Card and give you the option to open it to view the files. You will notice that your Note 7 put a few files on the card when it initially connected. So far, I have had no problem with the card once I put it back into my camera. This may vary though so proceed with caution. I suggest backing your card up to your computer first. Always be safe!

Once you have selected the right folder on your SD Card, you can view images and video. You can also download those images and videos directly to your Note 7 or the SD Card inside of your Note 7. This makes it super easy for you to get high-quality files directly from your camera that you can edit or share from your phone.

Watch the video:

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