Want to connect any hard drive to your iPad? Forget paying big $$ on an iPad, get the lower storage model and connect any hard drive to expand your storage. Here’s how!

Ravpower Filehub v2: https://jer.fyi/ravpowerfilehubv2
Ravpower Filehub v1: https://jer.fyi/ravpowerfilehub
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Video Transcription

Hey. What’s up. It’s Jerad with state of TECH. Say you have a hard drive, a one terabyte hard drive, like I have right here, and you have an iPad. Maybe it’s the new iPad pro, 2018, 11 inch, or maybe it’s the previous year iPad, and you don’t wanna spend all of that money to get that external storage. You’re thinking, “I would love to have 512 or a terabyte of storage space on your iPad, but you don’t wanna spend that money. You already have a hard drive. We already know that we can’t plug this hard drive directly into an iPad. What do you do? Well, you use this cool device from RAVPower, to connect and then get access to all of that storage and more. Let’s take a look. 

All right. Here we are with the iPad. We have our one terabyte Samsung hard drive here. This is gonna work, regardless of what kind of hard drive you have, as long as it can, of course, be powered. If it’s a small hard drive like this, like a solid state drive, or a small bus powered, which means, it will be powered by the cable itself here. You could actually … This is all you’re gonna need. If it’s a bigger hard drive like, one of the bigger external hard drives, you’re actually still gonna need to plug that into its power source. We’re gonna be able to connect a very large hard drive to an iPad, which means, you don’t necessarily have to buy a large iPad. 

I know that Apple wants you to buy that one terabyte, spend that, almost 2,000 dollars on an iPad, but you just simply don’t have to do that, especially if you already have a hard drive. All you’re gonna need is this RAVPower device here, which is an inexpensive device, well under 100 dollars. I picked this one up on Amazon for 65 dollars. What this device allows you to do, is connect a variety of things to your iPad. It’s great. Now we can connect any hard drives that we have to our iPad, so that we can copy over video content, copy over photo’s, whatever it is, stream stuff straight off of our hard drive. It’s amazing. Beyond the RAVPower device, you’re actually going to need the RAV file hub app. 

Now, once you turn this on and configure it, you have to connect to the device. It puts off its own Wifi network, and it kind of acts as a router. It’s not a hot spot, but it acts as a router. What you can actually do is, connect to this device, and then you can connect this device to a ethernet cable, such as, this ethernet cable right here. It can actually provide a Wifi connection to your device as well. This would work really good, say you were at a hotel room, and they provide internet through a cable. If you want Wifi, it’s gonna cost you money. You bring this device, you connect their cable to it. And then, it’s gonna produce a Wifi signal for all of your devices to connect to. Pretty awesome. 

We’ve got our hard drive here. We have our RAVPower router here. We’re gonna open up the file hub, which connects to this device. We can either just put our SD card from our camera in here, or we can connect a hard drive to it. Obviously, the purpose of this video is to connect a hard drive to it. We’re going to do that. We’re gonna grab our hard drive here. 

I’m just simply going to plug it in, and let’s make some room for all this stuff here, scoot this over. You can see it’s starting to connect. We should see a notification pop up in the app here, letting us know. Disc detected. There it is. We have now, 931-ish gigabytes of storage connected, and how much is available. Obviously, I have a lot of stuff on this drive already. If I click on file management, I’m accessing this drive right now. That is amazing. 

Just to show you really how fast it is, let’s go into a previous video project. I did a video, which is on the Canon 80D camera, almost three years later, cause it’s almost three years old for [inaudible 00:04:12] and other YouTube channel, that I do. This video is 4.41 gigabytes. It is 4K. I wonder how long it’ll take to start playing it. It’s gonna load a little bit of that video. It’s doing all this wirelessly, keep in mind. Boom. It’s already playing, it’s already playing that video. “Hey, what’s up, it’s Jared, with Ditch Auto, and today I wanted to talk about the Canon 80D.”

How cool is that? Okay. Of course, we can stream content from a hard drive, which is great. For those of you with a bunch of movies and stuff on a hard drive, very easy to do that. What about copying content from a hard drive over to your iPad, or vice versa? Very simple to do that. Let’s go into one of these folders, and let’s just see what we can find and copy over. 

We’ve got a whole bunch of D&G’s and Jpegs. Raw images and Jpeg images here. If we click around on some of these, they should open up, and we can actually view them. It’s a photo of my daughter right here. Of course, the entire app runs in landscape mode, but then of course when you look at a photo, it opens it up in portrait mode for whatever reason. There we go. We got it back. You can see here, it’s like giving me previews. Look how fastly I could toggle through these images and just scroll through them. It’s amazing how fast this is, wireless. This is wireless folks. 

There’s a few things that we could do. I could hit play, and it just does … I think it does a slide show. I’d probably wanna go and … There we go. It’s doing kind of, a slide show type of thing. Interesting. We’ll tap to stop that. If you wanna copy a file off of the hard drive, the best way is just to go back to the files, tap and hold here, and choose copy too. And then, choose iPad photo’s, and then you can choose one of your folders that you already have there on your internal storage, or of course, you can create a new folder. 

I’m just gonna tap all photos. This is all the photo’s that I have on my iPad already. I’ll tap paste. It’s gonna go ahead and download that image. And then, I can go out into my photo’s app, and I should be able to see that image. There it is right there, as one of the most recent downloads. This is pretty exciting being able to connect to a external hard drive. 

Of course, even get content off of my iPad, onto an external, to free up additional space, let’s go back to that RAV file hub app. You’ll notice here that we have both the file hub and the iPad here. If I go to iPad and tap on iPad photo’s and then come and choose from one of my folders … We’ve got all of our different images folders. Say I go to all photos, and I’ve got maybe a couple of photo’s that I have from earlier. We’ll go to multi-select and choose just a couple of those, maybe … These are from dinner last night. I’ll go ahead and hit copy too. 

External storage. It automatically connects to that hard drive. I can go into my photo’s folder on the hard drive, and then click paste. It’s actually now copying images. You can see the HEIC images off of my iPad onto a hard drive. I mean, how amazing is this? Now, we don’t have to go and buy those extremely large iPads, if we already have a hard drive, it’s very easy to connect that hard drive using this 60-ish dollar device, so that we can connect and have additional storage and not necessarily have to worry about spending that premium price with Apple. 

All right. I hope you liked that video. We just added a terabyte of storage to an iPad without spending all that money using a hard drive we already had. Of course, we can use that hard drive for so many other things, like plugging it into our PC, or out laptop or our MAC, or whatever. Now, we can use that storage for a lot of different things, and not necessarily have to go out and spend all of that money on that iPad. 

Remember, links are down in the description below to the RAVPower device that I was using, and a couple of hard drives that I recommend as good solutions for connecting to your iPad. Make sure to check out those links, and thanks again for checking out this video. Click that subscribe button to be notified when we put out new videos. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it. Take care and we’ll see you back here in the next one.