Clowdy is a simple to use Photo Blog for your iPhone. You can share images directly from your camera or your photo library. Clowdy is location based. You can also see pictures that have been taken around you. As of the time of this review there is no way to censor what is uploaded. I share what I found when I was playing with the app.

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UPDATE 7.20.2008: I received this email from the developer of Clowdy. Thanks so much for contacting me Jeremy!
——Begin Email——

This is really for Jerad Hill who wrote the Clowdy iPhone App review.

First, thanks for reviewing my app! It was fun watching you demo it.

Also, it seemed your major concern is the ability to flag photos as inappropriate. This is a big concern for me as well.. I want to come up with a good solution that is easy and efficient that works for everyone..

There is a lot of gray area in what is appropriate and what is not, but I am working on a system that will hopefully allow for quick moderation of the site.

I have been trying to manually delete offensive/pornographic images as they come up, but this won’t scale, so I have to develop something better..

Anyway, long story short.. I’m working on it! Expect something in the next couple weeks(or sooner!)

Thanks again for the review!


——End Email——