CLINK!Gift is pioneering a new gift space where consumers elevate the “gift card” experience through personal interactions and shared experiences, and even reclaim the power of their dollar with our flexible redeem options–this is very compelling for users and a disruptive market approach. This is a DIY open loop gift card that connects users and their networks to merchants in a social media experience.

For the consumer: Consumers are time and distance challenged. They want to connect, acknowledge and celebrate the important people in their lives. CLINK!Gift endeavors to provide a superior experience to mobile gift giving in lieu of impersonal cash transactions, and the inevitable and unsatisfying outcome of unused and returned gifts. Aggregating the perfect gifts for time challenged individuals but leaving choice in the hands of the recipient by providing very flexible redeem options: Keep the gift sent, easily exchange it or cash it out and use the cash instantly. Gift perfectly every time with CLINK!Gift.

For merchants: CLINK!Gift is a new mobile marketing channel that lets them communicate directly with their customers and network with new customers by leveraging their customer’s extended network and the platform’s audience through texts, email and push notifications. An affordable customization mobile platform previously out of reach. A mobile customer acquisition and marketing engagement tool.

Mid-sized businesses are clamoring for mobile and social marketing channels that put their brand at the center of an experience with their customers. An on-going conversation to keep their brand top of mind for celebratory events like birthdays, anniversaries and to announce promotions, sponsored events and charitable activity.

Price: Free

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