Chillaxing is a location notification and photo sharing app that offers a convenient way to meet up with friends and share your life’s Chillaxing moments.

To get the most out of Chillaxing you’ll want to find other users to follow and interact with, this can be done in a few different ways. From the slide-out menu, you can tap on Chillaxers and/or Recommended Chillaxers to view other users to follow. The Chillaxers will show the most recent users to join and the Recommended Chillaxers will show the top users of Chillaxing. If you wanted to find people in your area you can use the Who’s Chillaxing page to find other users within a 10-mile radius of your current location to interact with! Don’t forget to invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text so you can get them in on the fun too!

From the main Chillaxing page, you will see all of the most recent photos posted by other Chillaxing users. Tapping on any of the photos will bring it into full view where you can see the location the photo was taken, the likes on the photo, as well as the username of the person who posted it. Tapping on the user’s name will take you to their profile where you can see other photos that they’ve posted as well as users they are following and users who are following them. Tapping on the Follow button will follow this user so you can get all of their updates in your Feed instead of having to come into the Chillaxing main page.

To post your own photo tap on the Take a Photo tab in the slide-out menu or tap on the green camera icon in the top right corner of most screens. You’ll be able to take a photo directly with the camera or load in a photo that you’ve already taken. Once you have your desired photo loaded you can then crop, rotate, and black and white the image if you’d like to. Once you’ve done the basic edits you can then add a frame, caption, hashtags, and location information to your post. Adding the location will help other Chillaxing users who are close by you find your posts. Once you’ve added everything tap post and the image will be posted to your feed, the main Chillaxing page, as well as your followers, feeds!

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