You and up to 8 friends must stand together as mankind’s last hope against super intelligent cats that have occupied Earth. Liberate famous landmarks in this action packed first person shooter. It won’t be easy as the cats have donned fruit helmets and are armed to the teeth to disband the last human resistance.

Before starting a new game in Cat Crisis, gather two or more other players and iOS devices to ensure maximum entertainment!

From the main menu on one device you’ll want to select “Start a Game”, I would suggest doing this on an iPad or Mac computer as you’ll want as big of a screen as possible as this device will act as the main console for playing. After selecting “Start a Game” you’ll be taken into the main menu where you can either choose to play by yourself or allow others to connect their devices as controllers, more on that below. Once in the game, it is up to you to save our precious landmarks from the evil thwarting cats!

If you are going to select “Play Using Controller” from the main screen you’ll want to ensure that one device has chosen “Start a Game” in order to connect to. Once you choose “Play Using Controller” your device will begin searching for consoles on the same WiFi network, and once one is found you’ll be able to tap join and connect and play Cat Crisis. This will put your device into a controller mode, you’ll see a crosshair on the “console” device and all of the controls for your weapons will be on your “controller” device, neat! From there, you and up to 7 others, can all play with your “controllers” and save our beloved planted from the evil cats!

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