Card Data Recovery helps ensure that you never lose data from a Memory Card (SD Card) again! Card Data Recovery is designed to help you recover deleted photos, videos, audio files, and documents from various types of memory cards including SD Cards, USB Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, and more.

To ensure that you can recover your Memory Card you must first make a backup of your card. The way that Card Data Recovery restores your memory card is to take a disk image that you’ve created and restore your Memory Card to that state. This is very simple to do and generally takes no time at all and best of all the application you need is built right into your Mac.

To create a Disk Image you need to open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder. From there your Mac will list out all of the drives that are connected, meaning you will see your Hard Drive, Thumb Drive, Memory Card, External Hard Drives, etc. You will need to click on the Memory Card that you would like Card Data Recovery to be able to restore and from there select New Disk Image. Your Mac will then ask you where you’d like to save the Disk Image, select a location and the rest will be taken care of. Remember, don’t delete the Disk Image, this is the file that Card Data Recovery will use to recover if you need it to.

To recover a Memory Card with Card Data Recovery you will need to insert the Memory Card into the Card Reader on your Mac and launch Card Data Recovery. Once Card Data Recovery is launcher you will select Load Image and find the Disk Image that you previously created. Once the Disk Image is loaded Card Data Recovery will begin scanning your Memory Card and Disk Image to find any discrepancies. If there is anything out-of-place or missing Card Data Recovery will copy the files from the Disk Image to the Memory Card restoring it from the backup that you’ve created. Keep in mind, Card Data Recovery cannot recover a Memory Card without a Disk Image, it is vital to the restoring process that you’ve created the Disk Image, if you have not then there will be nothing to recover.

Recover your deleted data with Card Data Recovery.

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