It’s iPhone 7 delivery day and most of you already know how that went for us at State Of Tech. That didn’t stop James as he went ahead and stopped by AT&T on his way to the office to see what they had in stock. The new device smell was too much for him as he ended up buying a Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus. We joke around by calling the Rose Gold iPhone the “ladies phone,” but today that didn’t stop James from getting himself a new iPhone 7 Plus.

In other news, I talk about how I believe BestBuy pulled a bait and switch on all of us who pre-ordered an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. At around 7pm the night before we should have received our iPhone pre-orders, an email was sent out to people who pre-ordered their phones through BestBuy. This email explained that customers phone shipments would be delayed. This is something BestBuy had to have know in advance. Why wait until the last minute to email us? They likely did that because at that point it was too late to find an iPhone anywhere. BestBuy did offer a $100 store credit to all of us who were asked to wait until October 7th to receive our new phones. BestBuy did this to me with the Galaxy Note 7 when I pre-ordered it as well, except they did not offer me a $100 store credit.

It sounds like the next generation of Google smartphones will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL. This was rumored a few weeks ago but now that the Pixel Launcher has leaked, we know it to be true. In a video earlier this week I talked about this and explained how to make your Android phone a Pixel Phone by using Action Launcher 3. Check it out.

Lastly, I spent most of this week working on my new PC. That’s right, I built a PC. It was an exciting and frustrating process and I am happy to bring all of you along for the ride. I had some work to catch up on after completing my PC build, so expect a build video soon.

Until next Friday, what’s new in tech with you? Did you get your iPhone 7 pre-order or are you waiting until the next generation iPhone?