Today I put the Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth Headphones up against the Sony MDR1000X/B Bluetooth Headphones. I have been stuck in a battle between the two for a few weeks now, and oddly enough, I can make an argument for either pair. So which should you buy? Read on, or watch our video comparison.

I had the Bose QC35s first. I’ve spent more time with them, and I flew more miles wearing them. That doesn’t necessarily make them better. When Sony released their MDR1000X model, I quickly jumped at ordering them. I have been a Sony audio fan for a lot of years and have had countless headphones of that brand. However, when I think of noise cancellation, I always tend to think of Bose. This is simply because I have seen more people using them.

The Bose QC35s have crazy noise cancellation. I mention in the video that it is almost disorienting when it turns on. The Sonys have a bit more adjustment to them with different cancellation profiles you can choose from. You can tune cancellation with the Bose app on your smartphone.

The main advantage Sony has over Bose is onboard controls. You can do more by touching your Sony headphones than you can with Bose making it a better handsfree experience. With NFC tap to connect and a touchpad on one side of the Sony headphones, the experience is simply more polished.

Audio quality is pretty similar. I would say that the Sonys are a bit louder and produce slightly deeper tones but both headphones are great in the mid and high ranges. Sony seemed to edge out the Bose headphones by producing slightly longer battery life for me, but this will vary depending on what you are listening to, the audio levels in which you listen, and the use of noise cancellation.

Overall, both are a solid choice. Check out the video for my opinion on fit. That will most likely be the deciding factor for most.

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