Beautiful Backup for Mac makes creating and organizing your file structure for photos and videos easy in just a few short steps.

Beautiful Backup is the quickest way to get all of your photo and video files organized on your Mac how you want, without the tedium of dragging and dropping hundreds or thousands of files by hand.

To start, you create a new folder or select an existing one where your files will be organized. Then you can pick the source folders where your existing files are located. After that, you can tell Beautiful Folders how your want your files to be organized. The structure is up to you: Beautiful Folders provides pre-made templates for the most common ways to organize, or you can customize the format to your liking.

Other options include settings like filetypes to include, target file resolution, and more. At this point, Beautiful Folders will analyze the source folders and report back how much data will be included and moved, and the total size of each media type.

Beautiful Backup also includes the ability to reorganize your file structure, even after you’ve already created one. Beautiful Backup performs this function perfectly, and won’t create any mess or leave space hogging duplicates.

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