Defy Gravity In a High-Flying Aerial Puzzler!

Ballanced, a high-flying accelerometer controlled aerial puzzler challenging you to navigate your ball through a series of treacherous levels full of obstacles and enemies collecting coins along the way. Ballanced takes inspiration from timeless classic arcade games, such as Marble Madness, and offers a fun mobile version to the new generation of players looking to experience the exciting gameplay on modern technology.

Ballanced is controlled exclusively using your phone's accelerometer. Tilt your phone forward to roll your way forward to victory or tilt it back just in time to save yourself from the plunge of death. Practice makes perfect and only by mastering your hand and eye coordination will you defy gravity and reach the end. With its realistic physics and external factors such as the wind, rain, and enemies blocking your path, it takes an expert player to complete 24 increasingly difficult levels unlocking 72 reward-balls as you progress.

Ballanced is a contemporary take on the classic genre and promises to give you hours of enjoyment as you tilt and turn to victory without tumbling off the edge.


  • 24 deviously difficult levels
  • Intuitive tilt controls
  • 72 reward-balls to unlock
  • Easy to learn yet hard to master

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