Audials is a radio player and recorder with over 80,000 radio stations! Including most wanted stations of the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast! With a single click, you can record your favorite music directly and in best quality from radio!

When you first launch Audials radio player you can choose from listening to live radio stations, podcasts, or recordings that you have saved.

Jumping into the radio section you’ll be able to browse your Favorite Stations, Genres, Countries, and your Local Radio Stations. When browsing through the list of radio stations, you’ll get a preview of the station thumbnails, the station name, the current song that is playing, the bit rate and file format. Selecting a radio station will begin planning the contract that is currently playing. At the top of the radio station on notice a few different tabs; Listen, Record, Similar, News, and Zapping.

The Listen tab is the tab that you’ll first come into where you can see the current song that’s playing. The Record tab will allow you to record what’s currently playing and you can add markers if you’d like to. The Similar tab will show you radio stations that are similar to the one you’re currently listening to. The News section will let you check the Facebook and Twitter feeds of both the radio station and the current artist. And Zapping will light a quickly zap into another radio stations feed.

All of your recordings will live in the recording section on the home screen. Tapping into there you can view all the files that are local to your device. Also, be sure and check out the podcast section or you can subscribe and listen to all of your favorite podcasts.

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