Audials is a radio player and recorder with over 100,000 radio stations! Including most wanted web radios of the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast. Just record with a single click your favorite music directly and in best quality from radio! Without Ads!

Find the Best Radio Station for Your Music
Simply enter your favorite artists or select a music genre, country or a local station near you. Audials Radio App will find the Internet radios for you. 100,000 radios with MP3- or AAC-Audio streams are included. Enter a desired radio station or an artist and zap quickly to find one that best matches your music taste.

Top US Internet Radio Stations Included
Lite FM, KTU, Z-100, Fresh FM, VirtualDJ Radio, Hot 97, Hard Radio, Radio Caraibes, The Beat LA, Undergroundradio, Kiss FM, Radio Kiskeya, ABC, RadioMargaritaville, Christian Pirate Radio, Onada Cero, Black Gospel Network, WCBS-FM 101.1, Now FM, WAXQ-FM, Power, WPLJ-FM and Radio Vision 2000

Including Clock Radio: Wake Up or Get to Sleep with your Favourite Internet Radio Station
Audials app will wake you up on time with the music of your favorite Internet radio. Including Snooze function! A sleep timer is included as well.

Your Radio Recorder
Just click the Record-button to save music played by the web radio. With the history, you can play back your favorite songs at any time again and again.

Mobile Entertainment with more than 260.000 Podcasts
From news, documentaries and current affairs to language courses, tech reviews, and comedy, Audials cover an extensive range of entertainment with thousands of podcasts.

Stream to Chromecast and Airplay
Audials is the one and only app for Android, which can stream music to airplay receivers. Also, Chromcast is supported.

Use it in your car
Android Auto technology is also supported. That means for you if you have an Android-based radio system in your car Audials Radio works as an app as well.

Adapt the sound for every amplifying system or headphone.

SD-Memory Card and Cloud Manager
You can work easily with Clouds and move your music files from/to your SD-Card.

Wireless Music Syncing
Audials Anywhere connects your smartphone to your computer at home, letting you enjoy your music and media collection no matter where you are.

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