Appylink allows you to earn money by sharing apps with friends! You can earn prizes such as PayPal, iTunes, Amazon, and more!

Before you can be sharing apps with your friends via Appylink, you’ll first need to create an account. This can easily be done by connecting with Facebook or entering in your Email address.

Once logged into Appylink you’ll be taken to the Offers tab. The Offers tab is where you can see all of the apps that you can share with your friends to earn money! You’ll be able to sort them by the device (Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac/Pc) and see what the guidelines for earning are. Some apps only need to be installed to earn money, while others will need to be installed, played, and advance to certain levels. When you’re ready to share, click on Promote and you’ll get your link to share with the world!

The Stats tab will let you keep track of all of the links that you’ve shared. You’ll see a detailed chart will all of the earnings that you’ve received. You’re even able to get stats on a per-app basis, so you can see which ones everyone loves!

Lastly, the Rewards tab is where you can cash in all of your earned money! Here you’ll be able to see how many points you’ll need to accrue in order to get PayPal gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and more! The more points that you earn with your links the more that you’ll get on those lovely gift cards!

Start earning money today with Appylink!

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