Animal Farm for Kids presents that basics of what it is to work in the countryside. It will allow your child to meet the basic animals, such as chickens, ducks, cows, pigs, and activities in the country. Your child will also learn things such as, where does the milk, cheese, honey come from, how to fix fences or replace tires on a tractor.

One each area of the farm, Animals Farm for Kids has plenty of activities for your child to do and learn from. There is an average of eight different activities per page and there are four pages of activities for your child to complete. Tapping on any of the items on the screen will take your child into the area where they can complete each activity.

When entering an activity in Animals Farm for Kids, there will be an introduction screen explaining what needs to be done. This is a clue as to what objects are interactive and will require your child to tap on in order to complete the task. Some tasks are simple and straightforward and only require one or two taps while others can be multifaceted and will require some patience and practice to complete. You’ll know when an activity is complete when there is a crowd cheering and applauding your good work!

Animals Farm for Kids will give your child plenty of countryside activities to learn and grow from! Download for your iPad and Android devices!

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