In this app, the animals present at the manger are given the voice for the first time and tell their own story of the Day that Jesus was born. It is beautifully and classically illustrated with added interactions on the screen in 3D gyroscopic effects.

From the main menu, you can select to play each individual carol separately or you can choose a Play All option which will play each carol one after the other. Once you’ve selected either the Play All or an individual carol, it’ll open up and that’s where the true fun begins!

Once a carol beings to play you can rotate your device to activate the 3D effects. There is no need to tap or swipe on the screen, everything is done with the gyroscope on your device. From there the song will begin to play and just sit back and listen to this one of a kind animal carol. You can enter the settings and adjust the level of intensity for the 3D effects or the sound if you would like to, but the default settings should be just fine. Once the carol has completed it will either move on to the next one or take you back to the main menu depending on what you have selected.

There are settings to change the language should you wish to do so, the default language is English. There are also options to turn the subtitles on and/or off should you wish to turn the volume down and just read along.

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