Angie’s Stories combines three interesting activities; READ, DRAW, and PLAY all into one amazing app! This entertaining story app is targeted at kids aged 4 years and above.

Jumping into the READ section of Angie’s Stories will show you all of the available stories that you and your child can read, some come unlocked and others will need to be purchased with an in-app purchase. Selecting a story will show you a brief overview of the story and ask you to select either to Read by Myself or Read to Me. Selecting the Read by Myself option will bring you into the story and you and your child can read the story without interruption. Words will highlight suggestion a pace, but no audible voice will read to you. Selecting the Read to Me will do the same as Ready by Myself the only difference is that the story will be read aloud to you and your child.

The PLAY section of Angie’s Stories is where you child can play games that are based upon the stories that he/she has read. Here you can select to do a word matching game, a word search, and a word jumble. The Word matching game will show your child a sentence where two or more words are missing and they will have put the missing words in the correct spaces. The Word Seach is a typical word search game but using words from the selected story; all your child has to do is highlight the words they are looking for. The Word Jumble game gives your child an image and an assortment of letters that they must unscramble into a word that matches the given photo.

The DRAW section of Angie’s Stories will allow your child to draw and paint to their hearts content. They’ll be able to use tools like the Brush, Eraser, Magic Brush, Stencils, Boarders, Stickers, and more. Once they’ve created a drawing you’ll then be able to save it to your device and share it with all of your friends and family!

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