Android and iPhone users can easily video chat with each other using Google Duo. It’s pretty exciting. The app is super easy to setup and use. It’s available now in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

While there have been other video chat applications available for Android users, Google Duo simplifies the process, much the same way Facetime does for the Apple Community. It’s also cross platform, which means both iPhone users and Android users can have video chats with each other without the extra frills and clunkier interfaces of the alternative applications like Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger.

Download the Google Duo app and verify your phone number in the setup process.
For Android: Google Duo
For iPhone: Google Duo

Select Video Call.

It will display a list of your Contacts and whether or not they are able to be reached with Google Duo. This app is cross platform, so both apple and android uses can install it on their phones. To be reached, both users will need to have the app. 

The features are minimal but useful. You can tap on the screen to make your options appear or disappear.  There is a camera flip feature that will switch to your front facing camera, which you can easily switch back. You can also mute and unmute the call with the microphone button.

You can tap on the the icon of yourself to make it full screen. 

Using the Knock-Knock feature will give a preview of who’s calling you. 

This can be turned off in the settings and you will see if yours is visible or not when making a call.  

Google Duo is a great option for anyone who wants simple cross platform video calling between Android and iPhone while maintaining the simplicity of FaceTime.